Testimonial Nine

My counseling with Hallie is worth more than any treasure! It gives me the gift of being the best me possible, and that has completely revolutionized my relationships and my life.

Testimonial Eight

I love myself and my life because of my continuing work with Hallie. I wouldn’t have thought that I would see a counselor weekly for 3.5 years and want to see her every week for years to come, but here I am! It was SO WORTH the leap.

Testimonial Seven

The biggest wins for me are how much I have learned about myself and my relationships, and how much less reactive I am in the world. It is amazing to look back and see the different areas of growth in my life.

Testimonial Six

Through weekly visits I have grown more than I ever thought possible. My life, my relationships, my career, and my mental health have never been better.

Testimonial Five

My outcome has been amazing. I shine. I shine brighter than a star and no longer walk with the insecurities I once had. Most importantly, I love myself again.

Testimonial Four

Hallie takes you on this journey of self-realization and discovery, which has allowed me to take the tools she gives me and apply them to how I communicate with my kids/my parents/ and even my boss.

Testimonial Three

Hallie has done such a great job working with me that she also sees my son. She has worked with him on communication and boundary establishment also.

Testimonial Two

Hallie has taught me how to establish and enforce boundaries. She has provided me with skills to communicate purposefully, not only with family, my children, but also my peers at work.

Testimonial One

Hallie has played an instrumental role in my self-development for the last two years. The business woman/mother/friend/daughter I am now is primarily due to the counseling she has provided me.


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