You and Me For Keeps Boot Camp

Are you and your spouse ready to reignite the passion, connection, and intimacy you once had? Do you want to create a fulfilling joyful “next chapter” in your lives together? If so, you’re in the right place. I designated the “You and Me for Keeps” Boot Camp for mid-life married couples. During the Boot Camp, you will learn the latest tools and techniques to face life’s challenges and continue growing together. I base my coaching methods on the latest psychology and relationship science research that has proven effective for couples of all ages and backgrounds.

Coaching with a relationship specialist is great for results-driven couples who want to focus on the future. By the end of the bootcamp, I want spouses to feel more connected to their partner and confident in their ability to navigate any challenges that come their way. Relationship excellence starts here.

"We both feel like our communication is better than it ever has been."

You and Me for Keeps Boot Camp

Over four weeks, couples in the You and Me for Keeps Boot Camp do a few things counseling sessions don’t. Unlike counseling, couples can focus on the future rather than the past. These couples are taking a proactive approach to building a strong, healthy, and happy relationship that will last a lifetime. Through activities, challenges, and sharing experiences with other couples a sense of community and support is built and powers new beginnings.

As a relationship specialist, I understand the unique challenges couples face as they enter mid-life, such as issues with communication, increased stress or pressure from family responsibilities, different financial goals and expectations of the future, decreased intimacy, a newly empty nest ( I call that an “emptier nest”), retirement or change of career schedules, or even conflicting wants and needs.

Personal Transformations:

Within a marital partnership, confronting crises often becomes a mutual endeavor. It brings about challenges and transformative moments that eventually lead to a fresh, shared chapter in life, marked by increased age and perhaps greater insight.

Coping with the unfamiliar can be a daunting task, necessitating a willingness to have faith in yourself as you continue advancing – even when the direction ahead is obscure. Partners can help cultivate this faith by nurturing optimistic expectations, granting forgiveness for misjudgments, and giving space for emotions and possibilities to become more discernible with time.


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What to Expect:

  1. Intro Session: (1) Private coaching session with Hallie, where we will talk about your expectations.
  2. Coaching Sessions: (4) Group coaching sessions, where we explore proven techniques and how they work for different people and relationships. (Group coaching can be very fun!)
  3. Conclusion Session: (1) Private wrap-up session with Hallie to go over your personal blueprint for success.


You and Me for Keeps is more than just a program. It’s a community of like-minded couples committed to building stronger, healthier, and more fulfilling relationships. When When you join the You and Me for Keeps Boot Camp, you are saying to your spouse “I am looking forward to this next chapter of our life together.”

Benefits of the You and Me for Keeps Boot Camp:

  • Learn science-backed methods to work through mid-life challenges and increase intimacy, harmony, and communication.
  • Give and receive support from others in the program.
  • Keep the materials you receive forever for future reference.
  • Confidence to move forward with the new techniques tailored to your needs
  • A certificate of completion and resources for your future
  • The opportunity to book private coaching sessions with Hallie. (Hallie works with couples who have completed the Bootcamp program.)

“Hallie makes it easy, comfortable, and fun. She genuinely cares and wants you to succeed. We are far from a perfect couple, but we now have the tools to continue to work at our marriage. We are forever thankful for all we have learned with Hallie.” ~ (actual clients)

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I help couples focus on the future rather than the past. Invest in your future together with the boot camp designed by a relationship specialist.

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