You and Me For Keeps Boot Camp: Wedding Edition

Have you heard someone say: “You know, the first year of marriage is often the most difficult?” As a relationship specialist, I know this is hardly what you want to consider while planning for your perfect wedding day. Still, many couples indeed face the post-wedding blues. Pre-wedding couples counseling is becoming a standard practice, but those sessions often focus on the past rather than preparing for the future. That is because counseling and coaching have different goals.

You and Me for Keeps Boot Camp: Wedding Edition

After working in the wedding industry for decades (check out my experience!), I created the You and Me for Keeps Boot Camp: Wedding Edition to help engaged couples prepare to navigate the ups and downs of building a life together before they say “I do.” Coaching with a relationship specialist is the gold standard in pre-wedding preparation. Attending the You and Me for Keeps: Wedding Edition with a relationship specialist can offer numerous benefits for couples preparing to tie the knot.
Personal Transformations:


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What to Expect:

Over four weeks, couples in the boot camp do a few things counseling sessions don’t:

  • Invest in the future: By investing in a pre-wedding boot camp, couples commit to their future together. They’re taking proactive steps to build a strong, healthy, and happy relationship that will last a lifetime.
  • Strengthen their bond: Through activities, challenges, and taking an active part in creating their blueprint.
  • Connect with other couples: Pre-wedding boot camps offer the opportunity to meet and connect with other couples who are going through similar experiences.

Benefits of You and Me for Keeps Boot Camp: Wedding Edition

  • Building a Stronger Relationship: Couples build a strong foundation for their future together by equipping learning tools for effective communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy.
  • Identify and Address Issues Early: By addressing potential problems early on, couples can prevent minor issues from turning into more significant problems later and have strategies to overcome them if they do.
  • Reduce Stress: Pre-wedding planning can be stressful, and this can often cause tension and strain in the relationship. Couples can alleviate some of that stress by utilizing systems to prevent arguments and promote harmony.
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I help couples set up for marriage success! Invest in your future together with the boot camp designed by a relationship specialist.

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