“My work is based on proven research and formal training from some of the country’s most prestigious institutions and programs. Still, I have learned the most from listening to my clients.”


Assisting people to live their best life is my mission. I have developed an innate ability to identify needs and match them with the appropriate intervention. My toolbox is filled with world-class training. I have a master’s degree from Northwestern University in counseling. I trained in evidence-based coaching at Fielding Graduate University. I am a serial entrepreneur with a robust business background.  I worked in music therapy with IDD clients for over 20 years. In addition, my husband and I have been part of the wedding industry since 1998.

What does this mean for you? Expert assistance in meeting your goals.


Hallie McPhee-Johnston, LLC
Relationship Specialist

2020 - Present

In early 2022, I decided I knew how I could help I would create a relationship Bootcamp based on scientific research for couples to develop a plan for a successful marriage. I sincerely believe that couples need more than just the average premarital counseling offered through self-help books, the church, or social media influencers.

Licensed Professional Counselor
Brynwood Relationship Counseling

2018 - 2021

Unbroken Family Counseling

2021 - Present

I was fortunate to intern with Dr. Janna Becherer at Brynwood Relationship Counseling. Under her supervision, I learned Imago couples counseling techniques and how to help struggling couples navigate difficulty.

I began my coaching business concurrent with counseling at Unbroken Family Counseling in the Chicago suburbs.

Music by Hallie
Milestone, Inc. Music Therapist
Hits DJ Service Event Manager

2002 - 2018

In 2002 I transitioned from bar owner and karaoke host to music therapist. I was hired by Milestone Industries to create a program to facilitate music classes for developmentally disabled individuals. I started working with my husband, Joe Locke as an Events Manager for Hits DJ Service. Through our company I met hundreds of engaged couples full of excitement, fear, optimism, and intention. I wondered if the same consideration could be giving to what happens after the wedding. This is what lead me to counseling.


Centenary University
Master of Arts
Positive Psychology,
Happiness Studies

2022 - Present

During my work as a coach I ran across a training opportunity that I thought would be helpful. The MA in Happiness Studies focuses on educating leaders who are committed to the cultivation of wellbeing in themselves and others, to the fulfillment of society’s potential for both happiness and goodness.

Fielding Graduate University
ICF Certification Program

2020 - 2021

After graduating from Northwestern, I wanted additional coaching training in a different but complementary field. I learned that Coaching involves working with healthy individuals to process and achieve specific outcomes and I knew that I had found my calling. I received my certificate from Fielding Graduate University. 

Northwestern University,
The Family Institute, Master of Arts
Mental Health Counseling

2018 - 2020

At Northwestern University, I received world-class education. Within the program I had access to top-tier research, education, and clinical services, and was able to advance my passion for relationship-based behavioral therapy.

Columbia College Chicago
Bachelor of Arts Television
Writing and Production

2013 - 2015

The desire to help others led to formal education. I set out for Columbia College in downtown Chicago where on day one, a tv camera was thrust upon my shoulder, and my instructor told me to shoot something interesting. I had no idea how to turn on the camera, but it raised my awareness of how we all see the world through a different lens. Your subjective view is yours, but we all share an ever-changing and challenging world. 

It would be my distinct pleasure to meet you and build a trusting relationship where we I can help you navigate relationships with your family, friends, even your boss and co-workers. Corporate Group trainings are available on a limited basis. Please select your interest below and provide a brief message for me and I will reach out just as soon as I possibly can. 

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